MAIA is your next alternative pop obsession and a champion for the LGBTQ+ community. An emerging British artist with an important message, MAIA blends hard-hitting lyrics with genre-bending rhythms while exploring topics of identity and mental health drawn from her own experiences.

Born into a family of musicians and demonstrating a natural musical talent since the age of nine, MAIA was always destined to be on stage.

Reminiscent of sounds created by Billie Eilish, K. Flay, and Paramore, MAIA has skilfully crafted a unique voice that resonates with a generation through relatable and impactful themes. Her explosive, fiery delivery is complemented by soulful, raw lyrics which empower listeners that are craving their next unapologetic anthem.

A master of going against the grain, MAIA’s unique sound amplifies the voice of the queer community that is too often silenced. Get ready because MAIA has something to say, and you’re going to listen.

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